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2024 Astanga Yoga Challenge

Every year in January I put up a free yoga challenge. The idea is to do yoga every day for the month of January as a way to really give your yoga practice a sling shot forward to start off the new year. This years challenge is to learn the Astanga Primary series.

If you sign up in January this is compleatly free if you sign up after January there will be a cost of $49

About Astanga Yoga

What is Astanga yoga, and why would you want to take the Astanga yoga challenge in 2024?


Astanga Yoga translates into the 8-fold path of Yoga. Astanga yoga contains observances, restraints, postures, breathing, sense withdrawal, concentration, meditation and bliss.


We will be concentrating on the posture (asana) component of Astanga Yoga. The postures of Astanga Yoga consist of a set sequence. The first sequence that you learn is called the primary series. Every time you do Astanga Yoga, you do the same poses. 


There are two reasons I want to teach you this sequence; the first is that learning and repeating a sequence allows you to closely observe your progress. You can not only measure your progress and improvements over time, but you will notice small, subtle changes from one day to another. After all, if the poses don't change, the changes in your body may be due to the weather, hormones, what you ate and how well you slept the night before. 


The second reason is that once you know the sequence, you can take it anywhere. You will have a ready-made yoga class that is well-rounded, and you won't have to think about the order of the sequence.


This challenge includes pre-recorded content; if you complete it in January 2024, it has live online events over Zoom. You can do this challenge one class per day, or you can work through it at your own pace. You can not work ahead, though, as a new challenge will be released after completing the previous one.


Last year's Yoga challenge was the Splits 2023. Thirty classes to build you up to the splits. The 2023 Splits Challenge is available in my shop, and my online studio has over 200 yoga videos and access to challenges and weekly online classes for $25 a month.


I hope you enjoy and have a happy new year.

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