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Prenatal Osteopathy

One on one manual therapy sessions useful in assisting with a range of prenatal conditions and preparing the body for birth and motherhood

Some of the things osteopaths treat in postnatal appointments include…


Back and pelvis pain

Pelvic instability

Leg cramps

Hip pain

Reflux and heartburn and breathing difficulties

Restless legs and fluid retention

General aches and pains

Postural alignment

Physical preparation for birth

Pelvic floor weakness and assessments

Wrist pain

Headaches and neck pain

Rib pain and discomfort

Maternal and fetal positioning checks including breech and posterior babies

Internal birth preparation (only on request)


Postnatal Osteopathy


One on one manual therapy to help you recover from birth and get the most out of your motherhood journey. Babies and children are welcome in appointments. Some of the things osteopaths treat in postnatal appointments include


Re settling of the nervous system 

Postural realignment

Birth strains

Changes in the body due to feeding and holding baby

Wrist pain

Back pain / pelvic pain

Assessment of stomach muscle separation

Re building and rehabbing of the core

Returning to work and or exercise


Pelvic floor assessments and manual releases

Plan for rehab of the pelvic floor

Prolapse assessment

Urinary incontinence

Scar tissue work

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