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Prenatal Yoga

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So you'r pregnant? congratulations but now what? maybe you have herd that yoga is good for a healthy pregnancy  or maybe you have been doing yoga for years but want something a little more specific to your journey. Either way let me walk you few some options of how you can practice yoga with me. I have a background in yoga, osteopathy and I am a doula if you would like to ask me any questions before you start yoga please feel fee to contact me I am more than happy to chat over your individual circumstances.

After Yoga Class

Prenatal and Birth preparation yoga


Maternity Yoga Private Class

One on One yoga

In a studio online or the comfort of your home

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Partner preparation and optimal fetal position

Prenatal Yoga Classes

Prenatal classes
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38 Gatehouse Drive Kensington
Saturday Morning 8:30am -9:45am
Cost: 25 per casual $200 10 class
1/202 Gertrude street Fitzroy
Wednesday 10:30am -11:45am
Cost: 25 per casual $200 10 class

Pregnancy is a time of great change. Your body has a limited time to grow a tiny human, an extra organ, deal with the changes to your hormonal makeup, shift your center of gravity and increase your blood flow by an extra quarter. This is all before we take into account the mental, emotional and spiritual shifts that happen in order to accommodate a new family member and the beginning of a new journey.

Bonnie teaches two different types of Prenatal yoga one which she calls Prenatal yoga and Birth yoga


























Prenatal yoga is open to everyone from as early as conception to the day before birth. Women often worry about starting Prenatal yoga to early or continuing to late in their pregnancy. With some small individual modifications you will find yoga to be very helpful thin these stages of pregnancy. In fact Woman in their late stages of pregnancy will often come more than once a week because they find the yoga class gives them space and relief. Each prenatal yoga class will be individually themed, some of these themes will address

  • How to avoid pregnancy complications

  • How to strengthen your body for the demands of motherhood

  • Gaining some flexibility in preparation for birth  

  • Breathing techniques for relaxation

  • Positions for relaxation

  • How to avoid common Postnatal complications

  • Practical tips and education on what you can do at home

  • Building connections and community

Birth yoga this prenatal yoga class is geared more specifically at preparing the body for birth. It is still a Prenatal yoga class and can be joined at any stage in the pregnancy as it is never to early to start preparing for birth. This class is open for woman who have any type of birth planned.

This Class is also themed with themes such as 

  • Pelvic Floor

  • How to use a birth Ball

  • Positions for Birth  

  • leg/arms and core strengthening

  • Relaxations

  • Breathing exercises for Birth

  • Education on some of the options 
















What to Do I need to practice yoga?
A drink bottle and comfortable clothing that you can move in. It is best if you bring your own mat. If you do not have one or forget to bring one will be able to work something out . Some people also like to bring a towel to put over any other props they borrow.

How do I book?

If you would like to book into a class you can book with any of the above links. First decide on the class time and location that suits you and click the "Join us button" If you have any medical conditions of want to know if yoga is right for you please feel free to discuss which class you think might be right for you by contacting Bonnie first. Being an Osteopath as well as a Yoga teacher she is able to modify to suit most pregnancies.

​How Do I make Payment?

You are welcome to pay when you get to the studio. You can pay via cash card to EFT. Depending on the studio you chose there are discounts for booking multiple classes at once.

What if I need to cancel?
If you can’t make the class for any reason, you can cancel online or by sending a text message to the studio or Bonnie if the class is a one on one.


What if I give birth before my class runs out?
If you have been to class in the last two months before you give birth any remaining classes will be refunded. If not, the pass can be given to someone else or can be used postnatally. 

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38 Gatehouse Drive Kensington
Monday 12:30pm -1:30pm
Cost: 25 per casual $200 10 class

One on One Prenatal yoga

These sessions are personalised to you and your journey and are ideal for anyone with a specific complication, illness or who just wants a little more attention. One on One prenatal yoga sessions are available in Collingwood, Kensington and in your home. The can also be done via the internet where there will be a video recording of our session that you can go back to at any time. 


Bonnie calls this type of yoga "Prenatal Osteopathy/Yoga Rehabilitation" and in some cases, it can be claimed on your private health insurance if your policy covers insurance covers osteopathy. During your session, Bonnie will take a detailed history, do an examination and design you a tailored personal yoga program that suits your needs.  

The best way to book into one of these sessions is to email Bonnie with the details on what you are after what location you are and want to meet at. These can be booked online using our online system but as each appointment might require different set up times it is best if you come up with a time that suits both your self and Bonnie.

One on one prenatal
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FAQ's about Prenatal yoga

Learn more about Bonnie Maplestone

Learn more about Bonnie's Prenatal classes

Bonnie Maplestone is a Yoga teacher of over 20 years experience 18 of those in prenatal and postnatal yoga.


As well as being a yoga teacher she is also a doula and a qualified and practicing Osteopath. Bonnie works with each woman to find out how yoga can best support them.


Bonnie is more than willing to modify the class to accommodate any adjustments or goals you have for your pregnancy. It is very important to her that you work from a place of safety and comfort and that you get your questions answered.


Bonnie uses knowledge and understanding to help her students connect with themselves and their baby in this huge time of transition. Bonnie's moto is - I teach people not poses


Bonnie combines her double bachelor in Osteopathy, her experience as a doula and her 20 + years of yoga teaching to keep every class personal and tailored to individual mothers. Every woman's body is different and every pregnancy is different, so every one of Bonnie’s yoga classes is different.

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