Birth Services

* Yoga Class ( max 10 people per Class) five week corse on monday night with gentle exercises breathing practices and relaxations specific to the journey of pregnancy.


* Personalised one on one yoga Sessions ( Camberwell Mitcham or in your home)

*Yoga Birth Prep ( one on one or mother and Partner sessions) on optimal fetal positioning, induction and positions for birth.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Osteopathy

* One on one manual therapy sessions useful in Assisting with a range of Prenatal conditions including

           - Back and Pelvis Pain

           - Hip Pain

           - Reflux and heart Burn

           - Restless Legs and Fluid retention 

           - General Aches and Pains

           - Postural Alignment

           - Physical Preparation for birth


Birth attendance, Birth hypnosis, Doula Packages Partner Preparation. Physical birth preparation and In home prenatal and Postnatal Osteopathy Yoga appointments.


A Doula is a birth support person someone who can be there before ..... during ...... and after you give birth.

A Doula is not a trained medical person, but rather a support person there to be of what ever assistance you need on what ever particular day.

Some people use doulas because there partners are unable to be at the birth for what ever reason and some people just want the extra support for both them selves and their partners.

"One of my most susessfull moments as a doula was in a birth suit, the birthing woman was asking for me to rub her back but I noticed that her husband was no doing anything so I showed him how to rub her back and she stopped asking for me when having her contractions and started asking for him" - Bonnie Maplestone

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