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Just because it’s online yoga doesn’t mean it has to be a cookie-cutter class. I personalise my practices so you know they are going to be right for you.


Yoga can be intimidating, there are a lot of different styles out there and teachers with different levels of qualifications. How do you know whom to believe? How do you know which style is right for you? And worse how do you know if you are doing it right and safely? I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years and I still ask myself these same questions. 


Yes, yoga can be scary but that isn't a reason not to give it a go especially when you have me talking you through it every step of the way. You will be in the privacy of your own home so no one has to see you. You can quite easily only do the parts of the class that feel right for you without feeling judged. Plus I have recorded short little detailed explanations about individual poses and concepts that you can stop and rewind as many times as you need to. These recordings include sequences for how to stand and sit correctly and how to counteract our sedentary lives.


I have been teaching yoga for over 15 years and In that time I have tried every style of yoga invented and I love all of them. I have also been presented with all the questions you could think to ask.  I can guarantee any question you can come up with someone has asked already asked before.  I am a registered and practicing Osteopath so my attention to detail, love of anatomy, knowledge of conditions and injuries is well above that of the average yoga teacher.


I will happily take questions suggestions and requests, I  make it my mission to hold your virtual hand through your online journey. In fact, I like to connect and gain an understanding of not only my in-person students but my online students as well. You will often find me using the saying “I don’t teach poses, I teach people".


The online course "Bonnies Yoga For Everyone" gives you:

  • Live-streamed yoga classes

  • Recordings of live-streamed yoga classes

  • Pre-recorded 10 minute bursts of yoga

  • Pre-recorded how-tos tips tricks and information

  • Detailed written explanations of yoga concepts and anatomy movement concepts

  • Access to me, my brain, and my years of experience.

  • Meditations

  • Breathing Exercises

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