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Welcome blog Bonnie Maplestone

Hello, world!

(I would like to be able to tell you that that is the last geeky joke you're going to hear from me, but I seriously can't promise that)

I must have gone insane. I, Bonnie Maplestone, have decided to start a blog. Why, you ask? Because I have some knowledge that will be useful to everyone who owns a body. I have a unique way of looking at and explaining the world. For example, body parts have personalities; clearing lymph nodes are like trains at a station, and I don't use the word cage when describing the ribs. I am going to be writing the answers to all the questions I get asked over and over again. I want to help you to understand your body better. Understanding how your body works and what it is capable of changes how you use it.

Bonnie Maplestone osteopath and yoga teacher with skeleton

I am not worried about what to write as I have been teaching yoga for over 20 years and am a registered and practising Osteopath. I have a lifetime of collected knowledge and have been working in the wellness industry long enough to see the same questions come up repeatedly. Before I did yoga or osteopathy, I was a teacher, and I am still a teacher. I was lucky that I ended up teaching some of the things I love most, yoga and anatomy.

I am a teacher but not a writer, as I am sure you will find out. I can't spell or punctuate, and I write as I talk in hefty, drawn-out sentences. A close friend of mine said, "It's not that you can't spell Bonnie; it's just that you write in a different language, one where all the words are phonetical" So, a blog for me is kinda scary. I expect I will be bad at it. So naturally, I am going to give it a crack.

Bonnie Maplestone osteopath and yoga teacher on couch  with skeleton

Here is where you come in. Writing a blog is scary, and if I am going to stick to this, I need to set myself some goals, and I need you to help hold me accountable.

  • I will write one post every week

  • I will keep my Blog going for at least a year (52 posts)

  • I am not going to worry about how bad my spelling is

  • I will try to answer everyone's questions to the best of my ability

This Blog will mix Yoga, Osteopath, Prenatal and Postnatal Posts. It will be all the things my students and patients are asking questions about so that we can all share in the answers. Although I read the latest evidence and practice evidence-based osteopathy, this Blog is not that. This Blog is about the stories, life experiences and things I have learned in the clinic and dealing with people. It will be easy to understand, accessible and fun, and I wish to give you the answers your soul has been craving.

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