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25% off prenatal Yoga

To say thank you for being a part of our Prenatal Community we would like to offer you 25% off all your Prenatal yoga classes at Gertrude street yoga.

If you are new to Gertrude street yoga you may want to sign up to their intro offer or 7 days for $7. That means your first class is only $7. After that use your discount code of prenatal25 for 25% off all following classes

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Prenatal yoga Collingwood

We are more than just a yoga class we are a whole community that has formed out of a collaboration between Gertrude Street Yoga, Fertile ground and Bonnie Maplestone.

As well as your 25% off yoga classes after you have attended your first yoga class you will be added to our prenatal what's app group which is a space for students to connect with each other out side of class. The idea behind that was to form a mothers group of prenatal women who live near each other have a shared interest in a healthy pregnancy and who are at a similar stage in their Journey. Other parts of the world start their mothers groups in the prenatal period and this way you can have a group to see you through pregnancy and beyond. 

Other ways to connect

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